Welcome to Age of Defiance! This campaign takes place in the Dark Sun campaign setting.

Dark Sun:
Beneath a dying sun lies a world of sand and fire, a world of barbaric splendor and savage desolation. This is Athas, a desert planet laid waste by unchecked sorcery and ancient wars. Immortal sorcerer-kings reign over the cities that remain, celebrating their tyranny with bloody arena games and brutal oppression. Cruel slavers and fierce raiders roam the wastelands in search of captives and plunder. Only the strongest heroes can endure in the fury of the crimson sun.

Campaign Ready for TableTop Gameplay!!

Important note about Dark Sun

Before you go ahead and throw together any character and class for this campaign, there are race and class limitations due to the nature of this world! For instance…Divine power is nonexistent!!

The playable races include… Mul (new half dwarf/human), Thri-kreen (new bug humanoid creature), Dragonborn, Dwarf, Eladrin (extremely rare), Elf, Goliath, Half-Elf, Halfling, Human, and the Tieflings. Other races that may appear in this campaign are the Genasi(half elemental beings), Kalashtar(psionic beings), and the Minotaurs.

Devas, gnomes, kobolds, ogres, orcs, and trolls are all extinct in the world of Athas.

For more information, either ask the question on this site or contact me somehow or just wait and ask when we get together for dnd.

Age of Defiance

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